Royal Story – Build and Farm in your Kingdom!

Like most Facebook games even Royal Story is no exception to the popularity of browser games and let me tell you that it’s one of the better games that you can enjoy on the social giant called Facebook. Royal Story is one of the more laid-back style games where you basically just build kingdom with zero fighting, but hundred farming and occasionally complete some quest and feed cows.

Royal Story

If you like to build something and if the something is especially a kingdom, then you will enjoy this game because there is plenty of stuff to unlock and even more to build such as massive warehouse to store stuff and farms. There are five currency in the game that you will need to collect in order to rebuild the kingdom to previous fame such as coins, humble hearts, energy, castle value and Rubies, but mine personal recommendation would be to just use something like this and the farming won’t be a problem anymore.

In the game you will play like prince or princess, complete quests and unlock better seeds to make more stuff for you people. You will start with only two crops which are coffee beans and clover, but later when you unlock most of the stuff you will have access to things like tomato, carrot and few other goodies.

If you are interested in Royal Story you can try it here or just go to Facebook and find it that way, both work 😉

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